All goods are carried by KSET preferred major freight companies. A very competitive freight charge is shown on each invoice.

Overnight Satchels: 3kg: $17 ea, 5kg: $27ea, PLUS Packing, Handling & Insurance $12 for 1st bag & $5 each extra bag.

PACKING, HANDLING & INSURANCE charges are as follows: (As of May 2014 and subject to change without notice)

HD Cartons, $14 for 1st box & $8 for extras, Small skids, $21 for 1st, and $15 for extras. Med skids $25, Pallets $37 

ONFORWARDING Only in exceptional circumstances will KSET agree to send goods FREIGHT ON. The above handling charges are applied, goods are not insured, and purchaser assumes ALL RISK. For Onfrowarding there is a Consignement Charge of $ 14 Plus the same Packaging and Handling Fee is Applied